Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Best Friends Trip!

My best friends of 15 plus years all gathered at my place and we had a blast! SIght saw, ate lots, talked and caught up on everything! I have the best friends in the world who all traveled many miles to be together! WIsh we all lived closer!

At the canal Eating at SImpley Crepes...Delish

My favorite..Creme Brule Oatmeal!

CHurch SItes


The Fabulous Seven

Maid of the Mist was a blast. We would have been soaked if it were not for these lovely blue jackets! Thanks Stace and Jade for the great Pics!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


We went on a little adventure with Wes for work. He had a conference in D.C so we decided to tag along and I'm so glad we did! We had a ball and were able to do alot in 3 days!

I don't know if will ever get to stay in the RItz Carlton again, thanks to Wes we were treated like kings here! SO fun! They even had all sorts of prizes for CHace when we showed up!

Chace loved playing in the shower at the hotel, for some reason he thought this was the coolest thing! The restaurant in the hotel didn't have any kids menu but they made this special mac and cheese that was SO good!

At the airport at midnight...shoeless and playing in the rocks, he was cracking everybody up going nonstop!

The air and space museum!

We got caught in a big rainstorm and were soaked! But we gt to see a very beautiful rainbow!

Chace strolling down the streets like he owns the place!

Georgetown was pretty close to our hotel and I loved it! SO cute and fun with the BEST cupcakes I have ever eaten at a place called sprinkles! Fun shopping too!

We got to go to a very cool zoo! We braved the long trek and taking the Metro to get there. It was quite the adventure! And yes those monkeys were tight rope walking across our heads at the zoo!

At the Lincoln Memorial

Monday, June 13, 2011

Erie PA

The Girls

The Boys!


Little Chace even loved it!

Especially the lazy river! He did not want to stop! We went around, and around, and around!

Adam, Marci, Mya,and Ty

Eating out!

The boys made themselves right at home!

Road trip to meet family in Erie Pennsylvania to go to a very fun indoor waterpark! We had a blast with Adam and Marci, Mya and Ty and CHace did too! We got to swim, shop and eat good food together!!